Forest Dhamma a selection of talks on buddhist practice


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Forest Dhamma - A Selection of Talks on Buddhist Practice
Excerpt: ?Training the heart to attain happiness is the way that all the Buddhas proclaimed to be the right and true way. When our hearts never have time to rest and attain calm, they are not fundamentally different from those of animals. But when our hearts rest, relax and receive training, we will be able to see the harmful affects of thinking and imagining, and the turbulence they cause in the heart. Then we will come to see the value of a calm heart. Once we have attained a state of mental calm, we will have reached the first stage of Dhamma, which will lead us steadily onwards. In other words, we will have a firmly established faith in the principles of Dhamma.?

 Forest Dhamma - A Selection of Talks on Buddhist Practice

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